Wake up to… Steel Trees

Steel Trees are a band from The North, full of energy, a grunge distortion firmly stomped upon and the intensity of a trio of friends wanting to get out of a garage by any means necessary (excluding blue and orange portals, eff that noise). They also have been doing some good opening duties to legends like Dinosaur Jr. (yeah), Dinosaur Pile-Up (ca-ca-cat attack!) and Turbowolf. … Continue reading Wake up to… Steel Trees

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Interview – Bromheads

First time we heard about Bromheads was due to one of our writer’s watching their slightly chaotic show in DQ during Tramlines 2009. Since said writer (name rhymes with Spam) is a big fan of the band, we managed to get a quick interview with Tim (guitar, voice) and Dan (drums), who were kind enough to take all the questions we sent their way.

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