Review: Game of Thrones – The Wars to Come

HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS. This thing is back! I’m back! is back! The previous paragraph is aligned to the right! Only the audience isn’t back. Sheeeee-it. We lost you all to Furious Seven, which is fine and dandy because you can’t ignore the siren call of The Stat. Anyways, the story so far: -Most of Season (or series for you stuck-up Limeys) One’s major … Continue reading Review: Game of Thrones – The Wars to Come

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Review: Game of Thrones – The Children



I can’t think of any jokes this time around but I’m thankful they started to tie some loose ends. Even if it meant some marvelous display of violence.

Hey, have you read my Lana del Rey review? I’ll let you click the link. No? Ok, then repent your sins, crack open a beer (or the head of any Stark near you) and celebrate Father’s day with this episode of Game of Thrones. 

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