Podcast: Radio Chaneque – La vida de un embargador siempre es intensa

Nota: Si el widget no funciona, escúchalo directo en Mixcloud o descarga la app para Android o IOs. El menú de hoy: Hecho no comprobable por el método científico: no eres punk de verdad si nunca has visto Repo Man. Una extraña película de los 80s que captura perfectamente el alma punk envuelto en una película de ciencia ficción, es notoria por sus diálogos jocosos … Continue reading Podcast: Radio Chaneque – La vida de un embargador siempre es intensa

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Review: EP Island – Aston’ish

I think one of the greatest incentives a creative mind (!) can have is pressure. It is only when one’s back is against the wall that the fight or flight, or in this case, create or yield, kick jolts the internal muse. EP Island‘s frantic way of working seems to yield good results for their blitzkrieg like recording formula. For those just arriving to the … Continue reading Review: EP Island – Aston’ish

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EP Island – Electr’ish

EP Island_Electr'ish-CD-cover

A couple of years ago, in what was probably a whole different era for this website, we had the pleasure of reviewing EP Island‘s Sweet’ish. Born out of a weekend of composing, jamming and recording, the three tracks were a snapshot of a band’s talent and, more importantly, the music that can be created when you love what you are doing and have absolute freedom. Continue reading “EP Island – Electr’ish”

Interview – EP Island

Photo by Michele Brayton

A while ago, we interviewed LL Schultz because her band Down the Lees frankly rocks. We asked about the EP Island project (question 7!), got told it was alive and kicking but heard no more for a while.

Time seriously passed. EP Island ‘s newest EP, Sweet’ish got released and we loved every single track of it.  So, we sent LL Schultz (guitar, vox, keyboard), Sarah Jane Truman (bass, vox) and Melanie Covey (drums, percussion) a bunch of questions and they courteously answered them,  which made us very happy! We even did a little victory jig and all.

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