Vive Latino – 27 y 28 de Marzo.


Escribe en una cuartilla que hiciste en tus vacaciones récords presenta:

Vive Latino – XV Aniversario: jueves 27 y viernes 28 de Marzo 2014.
Lo que me gustó y lo que no me gustó, por Homo Rodans.
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Lectura del libro de Arcade Fire, versículo Reflektor – 7

Saulo de Tarso solía perseguir a los cristianos hasta la muerte. Hasta que un día, en el camino a Damasco, una luz brillante lo rodeo y lo hizo dar un giro de 180 grados para convertirse ni más ni menos que en en el Apóstol de las Naciones, el mismísimo San Pablo. Continue reading “Lectura del libro de Arcade Fire, versículo Reflektor – 7”

The Sunday Soapbox – The Box

Howdy, you beautiful carbon units typing on ergonomic keyboards and sipping chai-lattes with demerara sugar that is both ecofriendly and fairtrade and recyclable. It is me, Orestes P. Coltrane Xistos (P is for Pisstake) and I welcome you with open arms (and a Turk-slaying knife) to this new edition of The Sunday Soapbox.

Today’s rant: Richard Kelly‘s The Box.

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Of how I found myself (on the 3rd day of Lollapalooza 2010)

There are times when one ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there’s times where the opposite is the case. Thanks to that modern invention called “business trip”, the events I’m about to guide you through fit on the latter category.

Detroit is only 4 hours from Chicago, Chicago is 4.5 hours from Detroit (help me with the vector sum) and in the centre of Chicago, Millenium Park [Actually, Grant Park. Thanks for the comment section for correcting this editorial fail] to be precise, there’s the traditionally re-invented and corporate friendly version of the iconic 90s festival: Lollapalooza. That freak-show that Perry Farrell invented to expose the utmost hidden treasures of the “alternative” scene (whatever that means) and that now is a pseudo-cultural window display of ropey marketing, made up to the tiniest of details.

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