The Lost Gem: Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat

Ten years ago, I was driving through the barren highways of northern Nuevo León, taking GPS points for an environmental study. My companions were another environmental scientist and a bunch of mix cds that curiously had Rilo Kiley‘s ‘The good that won’t come out’ in each of them. I confess without regret: I have an obsession with this track. On the last day of field sampling, staring … Continue reading The Lost Gem: Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – Rabbit Fur Coat

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Review: Molly McGuire – III

2014 has seen the return of many a thing that seemed dearly departed. Failure came back. Space Rock bands seem to be getting a good amount of love. Molly McGuire is back too. Yes! 18 years after the Ken Andrews’ produced monster Lime, Molly Mcguire release III, a brutal journey through the moors of Space Rock and Hard Rock. Joints might be creaky, there’s a few … Continue reading Review: Molly McGuire – III

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Review: Pompeii – Loom

Hey, remember that time I was tired beyond belief watching Pompeii in an Austin BBQ joint? No? Maybe for  the best, so here’s the executive summary: Pompeii are back and they have an album called Loom out. It’s splendorous. Review done, milk is cancelled, the cat’s gone out, goodbye. No, actually, grab a seat and let me tell you about the beauty inherent to the … Continue reading Review: Pompeii – Loom

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Interview – The Whiskey Priest

  We do love Seth Woods in his many faces in this Shithole of a Website (TM). As Sad Accordions, we have felt the past and present clashing, creating a wave of emotional songs that linger on like fine incense. As The Whiskey Priest, the melancholic lyrics ride on the upbeat music. It’s been a while since we’ve talked with Seth Woods, so when the … Continue reading Interview – The Whiskey Priest

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Songs for Jane Howden

They said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but considering how some people avoid paying them, I’m no longer sure about taxes. But, yeah, we will all leave this mortal coil, one day. What’s never certain is what we can do with our time on this greeny Earth. I never had the honour of meeting Jane Howden, but the amount of people her life changed is flabbergasting.  Continue reading “Songs for Jane Howden”

Lost Gems: Faith No More – King for a day, fool for a lifetime

From time to time, we like to talk about albums that time has forgotten about. Lost Gems is a column dedicated to albums that were overlooked in their time or simply don’t get that much press today, and we think it’s a damn shame. This time around, we invited Simon Roberts (Morricone Dancehall, The Farewell State, The Letter) to write about a sweet little topaz called King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime. Continue reading “Lost Gems: Faith No More – King for a day, fool for a lifetime”

Sun Kil Moon – Among the leaves

Ah, Mark Kozelek. A man with his hearts on his sleeves, letting the feelings seep through the membranes and translate into emotions. Whether in electrical form (his feedback solos in Red House Painters) or by the pure magic of nylon string guitar (Admiral fell promises , pure acoustic beauty) the man is always brutally honest, for the best and worst of feelings.  Continue reading “Sun Kil Moon – Among the leaves”

Interview : Cobra-fist

Image: Glenn Miller (check his work on our webcomic!)

Picture this: a warm, sunny September afternoon and you are just walking on Ecclesall Road and all of a sudden you look at the trees and yell “Hey! Is that a ninja up there?!?!?!”. You thought you saw three ninjas (with the only difference being they got palette-swapped) but now they are not there…they are.. behind you! But they are friendly ninjas, and they just saved you from a Samurai (stupid tachi-wielding melonfarmers).

We thank the trio. They call themselves Cobra-fist. The name’s origin, a mystery. The trio’s identity, an even bigger mystery. We notice they have musical instruments. One of them introduces himself as Myth and we thought it was a good idea to interview them… Continue reading “Interview : Cobra-fist”