Video: Nice as Fuck – Door

True Story: a week ago I wandered into Amoeba Records and asked a clerk about the new Nice as Fuck vinyl. A quick explanation after and several NSFW searches yielded a late August release. So, bummer. But there’s always a silver lining for this sort of anecdotes and it comes in the peppy new video for ‘Door’, the first single (and video) for Nice as Fuck‘s debut album: What will … Continue reading Video: Nice as Fuck – Door

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Lost notes – 3

Previously, on Lost Notes…

Lost notes – 3

As the bus (sorry, coach) stops in one of those greasy food joints along the M1, I think about my green notebook. It has one of those elastic bands and it’s filled to the brim in notes and ideas for books and short stories that I will never write.

Even if its summer, I go for an Americano at Costa Coffee. It’s okay, it’s England. It’s the English summer, see the rain clouds?

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Singles – Hey Sholay!, Toy Horses, Smashing Pumpkins and Humanfly

It’s Friday (hey, where did the week go, uh?) and we have a veritable selection of songs we’ve listened, either because we like them or because we were bribed with Mars bars.

God, I love Mars bars. But I digress…

This week brings us: Hey Sholay!, Toy Horses, (the) Smashing Pumpkins and Humanfly. Read on.

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Underachievers please try harder – August 14, 2010

(or, a round of applause for the 24 hours of Le Mancs)

The Cavalcade + Just Handshakes (We’re British) + The Felt Tips @ Saki Bar, Manchester.

It was not a dark and stormy night, but the end of a sunny day in the Saki Bar, the last music joint you’ll find before venturing into Manchester’s Curry Mile (actual length: less than a mile).

It also was the Underachievers please try harder event, an event held every fortnight at the Saki bar, in Manchester. The event mixes a live gig with varied acts and some nice ditties to dance to.

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