I am Austin – Blood Lips E.P.

From North Wales, it’s I am Austin, with their 4 track EP, Blood Lips, a noisy mixture of electronica with fuzzy guitars. ‘Come with me’ pulls the plug at the bottom of the pool, dragging the notes and emotions in a maelstrom, with the drums drowning first (you can barely hear them), followed by everyone else in alphabetic order.

‘Blood Lips’ is twofold more aggressive. The almost inhuman vocals are a soulless menace “blood is dripping / from your red lips“. A bad night out turns to worse? An industrial lamentation, it seems. Love the tremolo in the guitar before the “love to hate, hate to love” tirade.

It’s the two last songs of Blood Lips when it all stars to gel together.  ‘Death to the red hair’ is punkier, while still keeping that dark industrial rumble, the only sound breaking the desolation of a derelict building. Distortion is turned a little lower and the speed is cranked up way more in ‘Braille’, a rapid fire track that sort of sounds like 80s Matchbox B Line Disaster converted by the Cybermen. Punchy bass notes help create the pounding atmosphere that closes the EP just right.

Four garage tracks with enough electronic sounds to tilt-a-whirl a few keyboards but with an organic base (drum and a loaded bass) to keep it on the ground. Loved the 2 last tracks, the first two might be growers, though.

Words: Sam J. Valdes Lopez

I am Austin Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook. Last.fm. Myspace.

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