Grouper – The man who died in his boat

Liz Harris, aka Grouper, has always managed to paint the bleakest landscapes with music. Her newest album, The Man Who Died in his Boat, continues the tradition, delivering the musical equivalent of a J.W.M. Turner : slightly blurry, awe inspiring and reminiscent of the treacherous sea. The Man Who Died in his Boat isn’t exactly your normal dream pop album. It takes the shoegaze approach … Continue reading Grouper – The man who died in his boat

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Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity

I really don’t like the smell of Drakkar Noir, or any perfume at all, but Mom insisted I wore some for this party that the nuns organised at school. “It will do you good to go out of the house and see your friends”, Mom said. Continue reading “Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity”

Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP

There’s days when the cognitive dissonance between “fanboy” and “critic” exacerbate the already bloody conflict in the head of a humble servant. Today feels like both sides are out with all guns a-blazin’, as the newest EP by Cats:For:Peru puts me in the difficult position: should I be honest or should I be empathic?  Continue reading “Cats:For:Peru – Tender Branson EP”