Tramlines 2012 : The Folk Forest


Twelve Noon, Saturday and the Sloucher Delegation having had coffee to sharpen the senses joined a small gathering waiting for Black Gold of the Sun. Worried about not having the drummer present, B.G.O.T.S. opened the day with an absolutely sublime set of songs perfect for a sunny day. Looking every inch as good as they sound their haunting Psych Folk is almost perfect and magical in this setting. Continue reading “Tramlines 2012 : The Folk Forest”

Sun Kil Moon – Among the leaves

Ah, Mark Kozelek. A man with his hearts on his sleeves, letting the feelings seep through the membranes and translate into emotions. Whether in electrical form (his feedback solos in Red House Painters) or by the pure magic of nylon string guitar (Admiral fell promises , pure acoustic beauty) the man is always brutally honest, for the best and worst of feelings.  Continue reading “Sun Kil Moon – Among the leaves”

Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

Why the hate towards Pick of Destiny? I’ve still have to meet ONE person that actually hates it completely. Sure, I know that Kyle Gass has commented on some of the faults in the film (which I don’t mind, but I see where he’s shooting from) but the album was good and, let’s face it, ‘Beezelboss’ is fucking awesome (truly the best song in the world). … Continue reading Tenacious D – Rize of the Fenix

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