Drops – Believe you me

There’s something primordially childish in the music of Drops, and by that I don’t mean “immature”, but more akin the wide-eyed innocence of those first trips by yourself to the woods. The acoustic waves of Believe you me iterate in the form of loops and acoustics notes; cascades of memories and wondrous joy seem to flow through the 6 tracks of this EP by Drops. 

Mostly acoustic (and instrumental), it’s a breezy affair, with ‘You have my word’ being a wonderful opening ditty (including some children’s chattering used as a sample for extra effect) and an ever so playful glockenspiel playing the part that an overdrive guitar would play in bangin’ rock solo. ‘Star map’ is a bit of a curveball; it certainly still has a certain joyful demeanour, but it seems to be a little slower, with a slight use of echo for extra dreamy effect. I’m 85% there’s an ebow creating some swell atmospheres here, but don’t quote me on that (I love ebow, me). The fingerpicking here is lovely.

‘Autumn walk’ is the twin sister of ‘Star map’, still ever so lovely without being saccharinic and the ambient heavy ending takes it from a straight and narrow path into a more winding (and colourful) path. For all the acoustic deployment you’ve got in this EP, it’s the layered noises that add so much, upsy-daisying it above a wall of friendly folk into something more akin to the soundtrack of a small fable. ‘Return stones into sea’ is a small sea shanty for the landlubber.

You get two remixes in Believe you me,  and they add more layers to the already ambient heavy proceedings. ‘You have my word (message to bears remix)’ is quite the treat (arhg! is it an ebow? now I won’t stop thinking about this) and ‘Autumn Walks (Clem Leek remix)’ is a good re-interpretation: a shinier coat of paint, with glow in the dark stars pasted on for good measurement.

So listen to this on a starry night. And wonder about your first walk in a forest (scrapped knee included).

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Drops Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter.

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