Single: Moving Panoramas – Baby Blues


It’s been three years since Moving Panoramas’ One took over our hearts, set up residence and longed for Texan sunsets and lullabies about one night stands. In that time, the band has re-arranged itself into different incarnations, like Dr. Who, shifting and remolding -not remodelling- itself into a dreamgazing machine.

‘Baby Blues’ is the new single off their new album, In Two. There’s no time for sadness, with an intrepid pace that burns through, the echoes of the crackling fires still resonating after the deed has been done. Well-worn pop staples like a delectable bridge and a quiet part that allows Leslie Sisson’s vocals shine make ‘Baby Blues’ a good omen for In Two. The album comes out in February 2019 and that’s a darn long time to wait, partner!

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

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