Stream: Space Mountain – Never Lonely



The roadtrip-friendly music of Space Mountain loves to take a devil-may-care pace, keeping a clear mind to counter the inevitability of road eyes. Last year’s Gargantua offered the crossfaded sound of Red House Painters with Helium and Big Sky, their upcoming album, might pull this combination off again.

Exhibit A: ‘Never Lonely’, the first single from Big Sky. Ava Trilling (Forth Wanderers) adds her vocals to the playful guitar, bringing a 70s stark pop aura to the track. The track never explodes and it’s too cool to smolder through the loamy silt soil it lives in.

Big Sky is out August 26thP on Dust Etc. Pre-order now from Bandcamp.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Space Mountain Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Facebook.

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