The one that took a queue from Molly Anna’s Ghosts EP.


See how the lights shine on their faces. A lamp betwixt, the barbarians revelling.
“Give me the gun” I said, taking it from his old, stubborn hands. She was unaware.
The danger spiralled as the noise intensified. She, her bandanna crowning her petite figure.
A thousand armed monster almost obliterated her frailty, it was a horrorshow of which
I was a part of.
I was a part of.

A stalker and a villain, I was. From a far and from close, we gazed into each others souls.
She hid behind a microphone, I covered my shameful visage with a camera.
We knew that the ghosts that haunted us would never let us be together.
Still, she was there for a tryst
that I was part of
that I was part of.

Blindness before the dark. “You were there” she said “and I loved you ‘Til you collapse”
“The pressure cracks my ribs. My…” She covers my mouth. Tonight, the horrorshow starts again.

Lonesome? We all are.

The longing in the keys signalled me to breakdown. A thousand stones that sheltered me crumble. A stir of emotions whirlwind as we intertwine.

“Am I Villain? I’ve let the demons out” and she only looks at her bleeding knees. I broke ’em again and our hearts I rob again.

The sparks ignite, it fills the room with light and the flames engulf the thing that looked
And saw what we did. Many a finger accused and we wore our pristine shame for all to see.
A stone of many lights, embedded in that tiny noose I brought you.
And that you wore, to mend the heart and keep a horrorshow
That I led you into
That I led you into

But now, the immortal love we declared to each other evanesced into the ether.
The villain I became, the one with the gun that dispatched a thousand emotions.
The ringmaster of the horrorshow that you watched into your collapse; a relapse.
Tonight I sit still, looking at the noose we both wore in our fingers
and wonder no more, for she is now one with him and the wife I took is
the horrorshow of which a villain I am no more.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Molly Anna Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

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