Stream: Molly Anna – Villain

You know? I honestly can’t tell the difference between March and October any more. The wind is chilly. The leaves are mostly absent and a penchant for the dramatic pop seems to govern with an iron fist the playlist.

Enter Molly Anna, whose previous incarnation we talked about many a year ago. Back in those Tesco meal deals, they went under the name of Young Peculiar, in a day of March before I was exiled from the UK.

My initial assessment of Bernadette Dales having a very Alison Krauss vocal delivery still stands, goddammit, and the Method of Delivery taken in Molly Anna works wonder. When you have such a great voice, why not go for the chamber folk?

‘Villain’ is a gorgeous track. Have a great Thursday. I won’t because I’m getting fired from my job soon. Selah.

Molly Anna Website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

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