Stream : Thee Mightees – Brutal

Turn the right jennel in Sheffield and you can find a good band doing anything. Anything. On the top of my mind, that’s how I ran into Nai Harvest and Best Friends. And after several corners were walked, kicked and tripped upon, I now see Thee Mightees, taking a dip into the [allegedly] clean River Don, waiting paitently for that wave.

‘Brutal’, from their debut album Smilingfinds the post punk band embracing the DIY toolbox, ransacking the best tools and chucking them at the winklepicker wearing crowds of West Street.

Under the magic hands of Ed Crisp (he of the mighty Best Friends), Thee Mightees have a fantastic slice of psychedelic slacker pop in Smiling. You can stream Smiling in its entirety right here:

Thee Mightees Facebook. Twitter.

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