Video Round Up: The Dodos, Jean Loup, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Macho Muchacho, Grounders, The Rentals

Howdy ho! We’ve found a top videos who could be your wingman anytime and here they are for your perusal and hopefully visual pleasure.

Those fantastic purveyors of music, The Dodos, bring you a video called ‘Goodbyes and endings’, from their recent album, Individ. Now, if you feel this video is a bit, well, in media res, it’s because it’s the final part in a trilogy of videos The Dodos have been making every album. Contrary to what some trilogies as of late have been doing (I’m looking at you, Dark Knight Rises), this one delivers. If you fancy catching up, we’ve got your back with part 1, ‘Companions‘, and part 2, ‘Confidence‘.

Mexican math rocking masters (try saying that three times) Jean Loup have been doing the rounds and they’ve got a fancy new video (black & white, natch) for their tremendously catchy song ‘1941’. Their new EP is coming up soon and it’ll be a dashingly good looking piña colada from what my spies* tell me.

By now, most people think we are in Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin‘s pockets. That might be, but it’s only because ‘Stuart gets lost dans le metro’ was based on that time I got lost in public transport for a fortnight. ANYWAYS, ‘Trevor Forever’ goes for the tape factory/Mr. Rogers approach and you can feel the fuzz effect unraveling like Mr. Rogers‘ old sweater. Their new album, The High Country, is out on June 2nd on Polyvinyl Records. You can listen to them in our latest podcast too!

Macho Muchacho are an ensemble of insanely asymptotic math rockers from Ecuador. They’ve got an upcoming release that we can’t talk about (we pinky swore!) but they’ve offered a little taste of things to come with ‘Tropicalia’, a track that ensnares you with the twirling atmospheres created. We’ll keep you updated whenever more material is released, but in the meantime you can stalk them on Facebook.

With apologies to Jim Davis and Andrew Lloyd Webber: “now tell me why I don’t like Mondaaays!” Canadian psychedelic pop peddlers (!) Grounders released a Garfield centric video last march for their song ‘Pull it over me’ and it’s fine and dandy, but the real reason we wanted to bring ’em to your attention is that their new song, ‘The Ringer’, is pretty ace and it’s streaming now on Soundcloud. Heard it and like it? Cool, give the fellas a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook if ya fancy their stuff. Oh, and the Garfield video is rewatchable as hell (except if you are Odie):

Lost in Alphaville was one of our fave albums of 2014 and the wheel of Matt Sharp keeps rollin’, as the new video for The Rentals is out now. ‘It’s time to come home’ tackles two subjects dear to my dark reviewer heart: the 80s and science fiction. Witness kidnappings, a Gary Numanesque Matt Sharp and a very atmospheric lightning and you’ve got a winner. The Rentals start their tour, check out the dates right here. Heck, if you see them live, tell ’em Sloucher sent ya! That’ll keep ’em guessing!

Speaking of sci-fi sounds and sights, we’ve got the new video by Mexico’s own Moontauk. ‘Lost forest’ displays that BBC Radiophonic warble that makes your hair tingle and wait for a patrol of Draconians to throw you into space-jail (damn you, Terry Nation!). Moontauk ‘s spacey & trippy EP  can be streamed on their bandcamp.

I’m off, CNN is on and they have that Pringles looking bellend talking about the riots.

*flies are spies from hell.


Word: Orestes P. Xistos

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