Stream: Bonetti – Oaxaca


Editor’s note: We are very happy to debut this song for your listening pleasure. Bonetti‘s own Loic J. Tuckey wrote a little introduction.

Oaxaca is the second song from Sheffield band Bonetti‘s first EP, Dos Mescal Para Vamanos, and is an account of some terrible scenes on the roads of South America. Dead families, killed motorcyclists and a bloke murdered outside his golf club.

A collaboration of art and music, Dos Mescal Para Vamanos features songs and field recordings with the combined efforts of six musicians and five artists. It is a musical and artistic account of one man’s experience and interactions through the Latin Americas.

The CD package involves a download and booklet containing the artwork of four artists. The complete package contains an additional mini graphic novel by one artist, Instinctive Squid. Of course you can download it too.

Bonetti release Dos Mescal Para Vamanos digitally on April 13th via Itchy Pig Records and physically via The Audacious Art Experiment, on April 27th.

There will be a release show at The Audacious Space on April 25th, with support from Leeds legends Cowtown and Sheffield show-offs, The Skipping Forecast.

In addition to this, Sloucher.Org will be publishing six short stories to further detail the journey.

Pre order the EP here.

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