Review: A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos



Atomos is a score written for a contemporary dance piece created by Wayne McGregor whose Random Dance company are at the forefront of modern dance.
As a long term fan of ambient neo-classical I was really looking forward to hearing this record.
We were given a glimpse of what might be on offer earlier this year with the E.P. Atomos V1 but nothing could have prepared us for this!

Like an excellent wine, there is much to savour. Ten sumptuous tracks that ebb and flow like a gentle spring tide. At times, almost classical in style, the moods shift and changes like early morning mists. Atomos is simply a stunning creation and intelligently avoids the pitfalls that can seduce ambient composers into listless composition.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen are in a class of their own creating a powerful and awe-inspiring score. Melancholic? Yes but uplifting and elegant. Sometimes you get a sense of the sacred but
then deep bass crumbles away under strings and organ that sweep and soar with a symphonic mystery and majesty that bring a slightly unsettling sense to proceedings.
Trademark drones are not forgotten but now illuminated by muted guitars and the aforementioned string quartet. Just as an artist adds deft colour tints and shades to a picture so these deft touches complete the score.

The tracks are simply titled in Roman Numerals giving no clue to the content and strangely there is no ‘iv’. I wonder why?

Simply a masterpiece.

Words: Keefyh

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