A winged victory for the sullen – Atomos VII


A taster for a forthcoming longer project finds O’Halloran and Wiltzie striding through their chosen territory with the assurance and confidence of players on top of their game.

Collaborating with choreographer Wayne McGregor proved to be fruitful for all concerned with some of the results appearing here. ‘Atomos VII’ breathes in quietly before a string section pulses insistently, crescendos and then ebbs away with the sense of an outgoing tide.

‘Minuet for a Cheap Piano’ is almost Eric Satie before the mood is unsettled with the introduction some ice cold electronic noise. A piano motif is re-introduced to complete the piece.

The third track, ‘Atomos v11, Greenhouse Re-interpretation’, introduces Ben Frost. Fizzling and crackling electronics leave the melancholic mood of the previous track as an almost slightly sad memory. The depth of field found in the soundscape simply bristles with atmosphere. Eight minutes in finds a quieter place that begins to build with the introduction of a piano. This “second movement” is measured and controlled beautifully as the piece fades away. A triumph.

It is delightful to listen to A winged victory for the sullen, as with quality “instrumental” music, reveals hidden depths with repeated listening.

Words: Keefy

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