VIDEO: Abe – Dark & Sweet

With the release of Abe’s début EP last year – ‘Heave-Ho’. The Sheffield-based electronic trio teamed up with Melbourne artist, Aiden Morse, to create a video to accompany the track ‘Dark & Sweet’ off of the EP. The video is highly complimentary with it’s subtly adding to the relaxed and laid-back vibe pouring out. 

Abe are ones to watch out for over the summer – check them out at Tramlines festival on Friday 25th July at Bungalows & Bears.

FFO: Wild Beasts, Beach House

Abe: Website. Bandcamp. SoundcloudFacebook. Twitter.

Listen to ‘Heave-Ho’ here:


(FYI: I’d strongly advice you to check out their website – – A tremendous amount of fun can be had)



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