REVIEW | EP: Shrine – Closer to the Sun (Part 1)


Mastodon and Tool. They’re the two artists that Brighton based band Shrine bare the closest resemblance to on initial listen of the first installment of their two-part EP Closer to the Sun. Yet, after repeated plays, it becomes clear that these guys are anything but copycats, as they serve up a cocktail of rock and metal genres that is partially similar to existing bands, but mostly interestingly individual.

On the first two tracks ‘Saviour’ and ‘Say You Will’, the band prove themselves to be impressively talented musicians, adept at switching tone and style with effortless expertise. However, it’s the climactic title track that strikes hardest, building on the strength of the aforementioned songs and unleashing the band’s potential, revealing it to be rather tantalising. The dynamic song is by turns, soaringly beautiful, headbangily aggressive and eargasmic intricate, with not a dull moment over its near seven minute length.

This record sees Shrine take elements of sludge metal, stoner metal, prog metal and even math rock, expertly blending them together to craft a promising, impressive and ultimately, highly recommendable EP.

The second part of Closer to the Sun will definitely be something to look out for.


Words:  Matt Jones

FFO: Blakfish, Oceansize


You can listen and purchase Closer to the Sun here:







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