INTERVIEW | Two Trick Horse – Black Water & Milk



Monday 17th March saw Two Trick Horse release their free 2-track single ‘Black Water & Milk’ through Leeds’ Destroy All Records – home to Ikestra and Mahogany Hand Glider. I caught up with Marcus and Sam to talk about the single, being signed to a record label and dinosaurs (why not).


1. How has 2014 treated you so far? I know you played with Silent Front and False Flags a couple of weeks ago at the Brudenell…good gig

M: It was great to play with both Silent Front and False Flags. Two fantastic noisey bands.


2. Destroy All Records, eh? What’s it like being part of the family?

M: Well Destroy All Records is actually my own label that I co-run that is also home to Ikestra and Mahogany Hand Glider so it was kind of a no brainer to just through the DAR label on us. We do pretty much everything ourselves as a band, artwork, booking gigs, press etc. If you have the means you should always help yourself and if you don’t then you should find a way anyhow. If you let your limitations be an excuse for lack of progress then it just becomes a self fufilling prophecy.


3. What were the ideas behind the new single?

M: This started out as a guitar riff from Sam ages ago and we’d just jam this groove out which became the verse. He came in with this dirty 7/8 riff for the chorus and then I dropped what Ross Halden would later dub “The Weezer Riff” as the middle eight. As we were writing it I felt it kind of had this ‘Ill Communication’ era Beastie Boys feel to it which was probably the inspiration for the sound of the vocals. We came back to the song when Dave joined the band and then added a cheeky bastard 5/4 riff on the end just for shits and giggles. That’s the science of it.

S: Lyrically it’s kind of just postering, like trying to be bigger and better than everyone else. It’s about the act of chest beating so just making lots of noise really


4. Touring highlights? You put on your facebook “LONDON RIFF SQUAD! We’ll be hitting up Old Street for this little ditty. A a visit to your disgusting city has been long overdue. Lets get filthy together!” what happened the last time you went down south?

M: We had a sort of mini tour last autumn. We played A Carefully Planned Festival in Manchester. We got really pissed (well I did). I threw up then Bearfoot Beware nearly got us in a fight in a kebab shop. We woke up the next to a flat tyre which was a fucking nightmare and a half but somehow managed to make it to Newcastle in time for our gig.

S: We played London a few years ago before Dave or Marcus were in the band but the this felt like the first time proper.

M: Every time I end up in London it’s usually messy. I threw up all over Buffalo Bar in Islington when I went down with Pulled Apart By Horses after drinking a bottle of Covonia. Last time I went down I ended up sleeping fully clothed in a freezing cold squat in King’s Cross.


5. What are you hoping to achieve throughout 2014?

S: Lots of touring. Another single. A greatest hits compilation and male bonding.

M: Yep. Hopefully Europe too. Want to see lots of new places and meet lots of new people.


6. and finally…favourite dinosaur?

S: Stegosaurus

M: Spinosaurus Egyptiacus


You can download the 2-track single here:




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