360 Club Celebrate Independent Venue Week:

It’s been banded around recently that independent venues are decreasing in popularity and becoming a thing of the past. However, last week I ventured to Leeds to see Huddersfield’s (yay) Forever Cult play the 360 club at the Library and after a little dig around it came to my attention that 360 would be the Leeds host for independent venue week…the venue was pretty jam packed.


First on the bill were Leeds based band, Fizzler. Now, I’m down for most genres of rock. However, this band did confuse me a little, I wasn’t sure what they were trying to do, or be. However, as the set progressed it became clear. Fizzler, to me, were a band of many genres, intertwining crazy effects pedals with stadium rock. Soft vocals with trashy and bass orientated cords. Which worked, kind of. The energy which they portrayed definitely set the bar for the night though. The music they were producing technically, was very good, the structure and format was the confusing element. It seemed like they were trying to follow through with the idea of ‘organised mess’, which granted they achieved, but sometimes it felt too unorganised. Therefore, if an opportunity arises for me to see Fizzler again, I might just take it.


Second on the bill were Perfect Crimes. Classic stadium rock. However, this band did interest me. Lead vocalist Kriss Woodcock had a tremendous voice which rattled the inner core of each human body in the crowd. He fronted the band like a pro and engaged with us, often. Their set was full of continuity, I liked that. I did feel though, that the tracks were a little samey but not going to lie, I felt the passion flowing from the band and not just from Kriss putting a smile upon my little face which must have looked completely overwhelmed – I’m supposed to be a rock fan. Likewise with Fizzler, I think I need to see Perfect Crimes again.


Next up were Forever Cult, I’d been greatly looking forward to their set throughout the week prior to the night and I was taken a back by the sound they produced. They had a certain groove, and charisma to them which automatically made me lock all concentration and engage. Their set was hard and strong. Forever Cult know what they’re doing when it comes to producing live music for an eager audience. ‘Subtle’ grunge to entice the ears. I like their style. Each musician had a definite stage presence, but not to the extent where you’re put off. Lead vocalist Kieran Clarke glanced at the audience acknowledging every so often how much they ‘dig’ it as the other two, especially Aaron Snowdon on drums laid down some seriously ‘in your face’ underbelly to the set. Forever Cult unveiled their new track ‘Suntrap’ from their new EP on Clue Records which changed the dynamics of the set through the melodic opening of Keirans voice sliding through the notes to the attack of power and punch but still maintaining the sophisticated calmness.


(Allusondrugs were up next on the bill…However, as we all know public transport will be the death of us and I sadly had to miss them…Sorry lads.)


Overall, a splendid night was had. 360 club is definitely worth a visit for all fans of music, you’ll never know what you might hear, I guess that’s what it’s all about. Also, the Library is a pretty decent venue. GET ON IT.


Words: Catriona Chadderton


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