Video Round up #1

Well, it’s 2014 and we haven’t done of these for a while, so sit back and watch a few cool videos we have fished for your visual pleasure.

I remember the moment I fell in love with The Stills. It was that very dreamy and droney solo in ‘Killer Bees.’ Alas, they are no more, but The Zolas can fill that dream rock shaped hole in your dark soul, as ‘Ancient Mars’ has that specific guitar tone that hits the oniric notes in the right colour. The story behind the video is a lil’ heartbreaking and I hate to start this year’s Video Round up in a bit of a downer, but that’s life, kids.


Holy Frijoles! Have you seen the price of traveling anywhere? Daylight robbery, I tells ya. Fret not, Daddy Lion to the rescue, as their slightly goofy-no-budget-damn-that-pizza-looks-good video for ‘No solution but resolution’ teaches you that you only need a good box, packing chips and a trusty microKorg to travel anywhere you want. Just be sure Teen Wolf ain’t workin’ as a customs officer.


Once a solo project, Daddy Lion is now a full blown band and they are back on the recording studio. You can download some of their previous stuff right here.

Young Rival know my great shame: I can’t see 65% of Magic Eye illusions. It stems from getting beaned in the head by a chalkboard eraser a nun threw at me in 5th grade. ANYWAYS, the new video for Young Rival‘s ‘Black is good’, from 2013’s Stay Young, uses the cool autostereogram technology and kicks a good song to another level. Just don’t tell Willem, he can’t see the goddamned sailboat. Or was it a schooner? Go watch Mallrats, kids.


For us who struggle with these thingies, there’s another version of the video right here. Argh, no schooner.
Sod the schooner, we are gonna need a bigger boat! Shark? have released a cool video for their intense track, ‘Fingers’. Once an MTV exclusive, it’s now free on Youtube…or as free as you can be in a site where takedowns are as common as the Mexican po-po barging in and stealing your tamales. Shark? are recording new material as we speak, but I heard that 2013’s album Savior is getting a (very late) review from us.


Crikey! Some of our blessed reviewers have witnessed the powerful, gothic cabaret that is Post War Glamour Girls‘ live show and ‘Red Terror’, the spiffy new video is part of their debut album,, out on February 17th. Is that the old guy from Metallica‘s ‘Enter Sandman’? Or is it the old creepy fella from Tears For Fears‘ ‘Goodnight song’? I dunno, but I won’t sleep tonight…

…but, fuggedaboutit, the song rocks and it’s a lovely morsel from a fantastic album. Feb. 17th, MARK THE DATE.


Swim Good have a brand new self-titled EP out on February 22nd through Failure By Design Records and you can have a peek, like Chris Rock says Stevie Wonder deserves, to lead single  ‘Hatchet’.



Since Buzzfeed has drowned us in sound 90s nostalgia, here be the gnarliest* song I could find, yo. Shyeah, right. It reminds me of that time one of the bullies from my old Catholic school whupped the tar out of me. Fucker’s now serving 5 life sentences, so I guess either Karma exists or God is back on Old Testament mode and we are in for a shitstorm**.


*Gnarly is more 80s than 90s. Bogus.

**Notice how this all turned into another “ain’t us people who went to Catholic school all cray cray?” sort of confessional…

Words: Sam J. “J. for too much java mocha” Valdés López.

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