The return of Failure

As in, the band. Of course! We usually don’t do news pieces anymore, but since we are big fans of the band, this was worth doing a quick write. up.

First it started with a simple teasing :


And the obvious question was answered:


Then, after a barrage of fans started asking questions. Highlights:


I’m sure I can speak for everyone at Sloucher when I say these are fantastic (!) news, as this is a band we absolutely adore. We did a little retro piece about the perfect Fantastic Album, which you can read here. We also included Failure with a couple of their peers (Hum, Rodan, Shiner, The Shipping News, Frodus) and some fresh new acts you can put in a mix with Failure. Which we did:

More info on that mix? Sure, it’s here.

Keep watching this space, we’ll keep reporting. Why not become a fan of Failure in the meantime?

Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

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