Singles reviewed: Upset, Post War Glamour Girls, Collider/Soreface, Blessa, Dandy Overdose, Heart-ships

Greetings, readers eating apple jam filled bronuts (via Tamper Coffee)!  Welcome to another edition of our “reviewing releases late again” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of a lifelong depression triggered by the ending of ALF. Shit, that was depressing, son. Better watch Punky Brewster.

Ah, singles, right:

Upset – She’s gone

A couple of years ago we tackled Ali Koehler‘s solo stuff (proof!) and now she’s gone and joined forces with Patty Schemel and Jennifer Prince, forming Upset. ‘She’s gone’ find the band in a groovier side of the 90s, slightly in the region of Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt. Big sounds, a happy mood and a quick taste of their new album, out on Oct. 29th (Don Giovanni Records). – Orestes P. “Snubbed by Louise Post” Xistos.

Upset Twitter. Facebook.

Collider/Soreface – More average than everyone else split

Tye Die Tapes denizens Collider continue their Salinger approach and drip feed us songs. ‘Mopping up’ has their usual punk self fueling your moshpit urges, even if you are in a cubicle surrounded by tea sippin’ drones. More please. Soreface are the perfect henchmen (or is it the other way around?) for Collider, as the lo-fiers (!) have a similar punk mood, but with a slight more math rock disposition. Check the dramatic pauses in ‘Not a lot’ to get extra colours in their musical palette, then have a breather with ‘Crowsong’, a sing along for a bar that has no people dipped in orange paint. Best consumed in tape form. #safeOrestes P. “Snubbed by Page Hamilton” Xistos

Collider Bandcamp. Facebook. Tumblr.

Post War Glamour Girls – Light Bulb / The Cripples

There’s always a Gothic Novel feel to the music of Post War Glamour Girls, a certain sound that fits splendidly with the orange, brown and yellow hues of the Autumn season, so this single feels just right with the current season. ‘Light Bulb’ is theatrical and grandiose, never being overtly Gothic and having a slightly pop attitude well hidden under copious amounts of drumming, a sexy guitar and that vocal delivery that hides some fear. ‘The Cripples’ is less subtle and embraces a distorted sound to set the scene. Almost a desert rock song in structure (check that drumming), it’s a song with urgent chorus and a disorienting feeling. A slow burner and a rocker, great combination. – Sam J. “Snubbed by Natasha Khan” Valdés López

Post War Glamour Girls Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Website.

Blessa – Between Times / Bloom

The good ship Blessa seems to be ready to depart the Steel City to sunnier parts and this single is the sound of the bottle breaking against the hull for the Christening. ‘Between times’ is the gorgeous sweet ditty that has the wistfulness of Shoegaze with enough guitar work to please the dream pop enthusiasts that demand it. Or just me, I guess. Now, ‘Bloom’ is where the real meat resides, a very rewarding song that might overstage ‘Between Times’. Again, the sounds are swaying like seawaves and the combination of of sounds (masterfully captured by MJ of Hookworms) make it a gorgeous track. This ship will set you free. – Orestes P. “Snubbed by Annie Hardy” Xistos

Blessa Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

Dandy Overdose – Jinetes Astronautas

‘Jinetes Astronautas’, a single from Dandy Overdose‘s upcoming album, is an energetic traipse through a psychedelic highway, where their well-refined pop gets a smattering of electronica (love those swells and drones). Part new wave, part indie and all enjoyable, this is like an excellent plate of Tacos al Pastor: in principle, the ingredients shouldn’t work together, but they do and do it right.- Sam J. “Snubbed by that dude from Live” Valdés López

Dandy Overdose Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Heart-Ships – Pinhole of Light

Half-sea shanty, half-slowed down rocker, Heart-Ships ‘Pinhole of a light’ is a dark slice of music. It’s probably the danciest brooding song I’ve heard and I blame the weather, but that’s me. Catchy lil’ track that slowly creeps on you, like that droning keyboard on the back. Watch your back, this jumps like a Spring Heeled Jack and might be as mean as that Victorian urban legend.- Orestes P. “Snubbed by that dude from I am Kloot” Xistos

Heart-Ships Twitter. Facebook. Website. Soundcloud.

And that’s that. Thanks for reading us. Fuck you if you don’t think I’m good looking with a bow tie.

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