Pinkunoizu – The Drop


Ah, those plucky Europeans! Pinkunoizu translated could read “Pink Noise” apparently. These Danish post rock/experimentalists have traveled back in time to the 70s and returned with a rather clever Krautrock influenced piece of work on this excellent second album. A Neu!-like germanic groove underpins the opener ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and continues to pulsate almost Hawkwind-like through each track.

‘Necromancer’ is massive and features some bleepy electronics over a huge kosmiche beat while some clever changes of pace keep you interested. The good things keep on coming. ‘Pyromancer’ is insane and The Drop closes with the blissful ‘Down by the Liverpool Stream’ that glistens and shimmers like a mountain stream.

The Drop is excellent. Forged in the same fire as Primal Scream’s Exterminator (but a little less aggressive), so if you liked that you will love this. Gets a massive thumbs up from me!

Words: Keefy How

Pinkunoizu Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Vimeo.

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