Podcast – The Nectarine Mix

We finish the July series of podcasts with another selection of fresh new grooves. Relish the acoustic loveliness of Picardy III & Jesse Woods, trip to the strangeness of Pinkunoizu & Che Ga Zebra, drink to the blue madness of Drenge and Old Baby and groove to Vuvuvultures & Psychic Twin.

Oh, and give Eric & Magill a big warm hug.

Want more info about this bands? Click for more!

Picardy III:The Preacher has spoken, listen to his gospel!

Picardy III BandcampFacebookTwitter.

Kill the Captains:Dancey, infectious and self-reflective.

Kill the Captains Website. Facebook. Bandcamp.

Vasco de Gama:Deranged scribbling from Aztlán, with a loud disposition to boot!

Vasco de Gama Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter.

The City and Horses:They have the secret to time travel to New York, 1976, and also provide the soundtrack!

The City and Horses Website. Facebook. TwitterBandcamp.

The Dodos:Legends, now nesting at Polyvinyl. Match made in Heaven.

The Dodos Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

Aestrid:Dreamy and warm. Lekker!

Aestrid Website. Facebook. Bandcamp.

Dead Leaf Echo:Dreamy shoegaze from New York City,. Gorgeous stuff.

Dead Leaf Echo Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud.

Eric & Magill:Proof positive that good relationships don’t know the word distance. Fantastic dream pop.

Eric & Magill WebsiteTwitterFacebookBandcampLast.fmMyspaceSoundcloudTumblr.

Psychic Twin:The sound of a thousand dreams, boondoggled to your heart.

Psychic Twin FacebookBandcamp. Twitter.

Vuvuvultures:Dark, gothic electronic ambients from the 80s, resurfacing upgraded today.

Vuvuvultures Website. Tumblr. Facebook. Twitter.

Pinkunoizu:I have no idea what they play, but I love it.

Pinkunoizu Website. Facebook. Last.fm. Twitter. Myspace. Vimeo.

Porches:Meditative and almost pastoral. Slocore is still alive (and kicking slowly).

Porches Bandcamp. Facebook.

Bell X1:Simply handsome music to let a Friday afternoon idle by.

Bell X1 Website. Facebook. Twitter.

PiNS:Take the scene by storm, one note at a time (mit reverb).

Pins Website. Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

Che Ga Zebra:A loud duo tha mix math and jazz rock to create harmonious cacophonies.

Che Ga Zebra Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter.

Drenge:The siblings that escaped Castleton and jazz rocked the UK.

Drenge FacebookSoundcloudBlog. Twitter.

Old Baby:Years in the making, wait every single goddamned second. Filthy rock.

Old Baby Website. Facebook.

Jesse Woods:Lo fi, bathed in the golden hues of memories.

Jesse Woods Facebook.


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