Our last EP round-up! Council Tax Band, Warmhammer, Keel Her, Kings, O’Captain, Le Coq, King Capisce, New Beard, Brave New Storm


Hullo, you wildling watchers of Westfield, this is our always late EP round-up, where we scrounge, scrawl and sweep sweet singular sonic sensations. This is so late you could say it’s the very late EP round-up.

Remember: don’t adjust your opinion. We are just a Shithole of a website (TM)

DID YOU  KNOW? U2′s Songs of Innocence will always be in your iTunes, no matter how many workarounds and fixes you try. Like an Eldritch horror, The Ancient Spectacled One  will not stop haunting you. Dream well, sleep tight.


Oh, well, sigh, sorry for the delays, we were closing this website but we remembered we left some Jaffa Cakes inside the server (mmm, warm cake-o-biscuits). We promise not to do another one of these ever again. Unless y’all ask nicely. And tells us to lay off the Jaffas. Continue reading “Our last EP round-up! Council Tax Band, Warmhammer, Keel Her, Kings, O’Captain, Le Coq, King Capisce, New Beard, Brave New Storm”

Interview – Panoramas


Pretty weird how things happen in this road we call life. A few years ago, out of pure dumb luck, managed to get an interview with The Wooden Birds and then managed to review (and interview) Leslie Sisson while she was touring her solo project, Sisson. Fast forward to March 2014 and I saw Leslie Sisson in her new band, Panoramas, perform at The Ginger Man. A quick missed calls, text messages and facebook messages later I’m in a lil’ coffee shop in Austin called The Flightpath Coffee House.

I’m sitting in front of Panoramas, a three member soundscape machine consisting of Leslie Sisson (vocals, guitar), Rozie Castoe (vocals, bass) and Karen Skloss (drums.) The topics of conversation are : influences, band naming, SXSW misadventures, the genius of John Paul Jones and vintage 90s films. All of this fuelled with tea, Topo Chico water and a slightly inspiring brew of curiously strong coffee.  Continue reading “Interview – Panoramas”

Podcast – The Nectarine Mix

We finish the July series of podcasts with another selection of fresh new grooves. Relish the acoustic loveliness of Picardy III & Jesse Woods, trip to the strangeness of Pinkunoizu & Che Ga Zebra, drink to the blue madness of Drenge and Old Baby and groove to Vuvuvultures & Psychic Twin.

Oh, and give Eric & Magill a big warm hug.

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