Wake up to Menace Beach

There’s a point in the Tampico-Mante highway in México where the suburban wasteland disappears in a haze of red streetlamps and the sempiternal, eerie glow of Madero’s Refinery is just a red spot in your rearviewmirror.

To your left, you’ll see the unforgiving tropical wastelands where black mosquitoes will leave you with rashes that might leave a scar. To the right, however, you’ll see a lagoon and beyond it a collection of sand dunes, where the more adventurous will sandsurf and the more casual visitor will park his car or pick up truck, crack open a 12 pack of Modelo lager and fritter away the day while the car’s stereo blasts fast music that will get a natural reverberation by the shape of the car (usually some lemon you acquired for chickenfeed in Matamoros or Brownsville.)

It’s hard to described exactly all the bands that I’ve heard when I was back then, but Menace Beach instantly made me think of those now long gone days of beachside drinking, 3 hour conversations about nothing, pithy remarks and failed relationships.

Made up from members of Hookworms, Pulled apart by horses, You animals  and Sky Larkin, they’ve got a good buzz going around. Check ’em up:

Menace Beach Twitter. Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Blog.

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