Thanks, Cats:For:Peru

It’s always hard to see a band you hold in high esteem to call it a day and although it’s something that is always probable in the harsh world of music, it’s still a heartbreaker.

Cats:For:Peru had a big influence in this site growing up. How so? Back in 2010, when this place was more of a secondary output (I was writing more for the405 and Forge Press), I was still trying to get to grips with the local scene. One of the first local gigs I was doing was Cats:For:Peru with The Dawn Chorus. My review went first for Forge. It was on time (not my specialty) and within word limit (certainly not my style). The review went to print, but all mention of the opening acts got edited out. I did not start a fight but decided to re-write the review and post it on Sloucher. That was my last gig review for Forge. All gigs after were now going to be reviewed for Sloucher and the focus would be on the local scene, something that needed a bit of TLC.

I bought Attack of the pitching machine and interviewed then with one of the other editors back in those days, with a catch up interview the following year. I saw them rock out in several ocassions. I obsessed with ‘Slight to the right’, a track that I never saw live but still got so much into that part of its lyrics are a crucial point in a novel I’ve got in the backburner. Even got to write about them for another site. Quite a few times, actually.

For all the rock and roll, blues, techno, art, goth and metal bands that I’ve seen, few had the range that Cats:For:Peru had, even less the friendly demeanour and live chemistry. I never saw a Cats:For:Peru gig I didn’t enjoy, even the underattended ones. Their legacy, a solid album, a fantastic EP (review, PR) and two digital singles. Heck, even if you dig a bit around our archives, you can find a lost song (‘Smile’ – right here). They even agreed to one of my miserably unfunny “fake albums” (2012’s Tender Branson EP), something that has been part of the site for a while.

The split was amicable and they’ve left off with two rather dashing tracks. Here they are:

It was a hell of a ride and I sincerely hope they all continue to do music. They are quite deft at it.

Hasta siempre.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Cats:For:Peru

  1. Probably need to clear up the following before any shit storm goes: I did stop writing gig reviews for Forge because the editors back then took out what I wrote about supporting acts. I kept reviewing albums, books, theatre and films, until time constraints meant I had to choose between all the sites I was writing for and this place.

    And the rest is bad grammar, first-draft, repetitious adjective-laden history.

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