Super Board Games Sunday – phase one


“Dice, motherfucker! Roll them bones.”

“You’ll need luck – give them a magic blow.”


“Now flip a card.”

“You get three beans and a torch.”


“Move your pawn and pass the marker.”

“Sleeping Cthulhu awaits. Go easy on the Pico de Gallo salsa.”

These are just some of the scenes from Sloucher’s new series of board game events, Super Board Games Sunday. The first event, ‘Skill/Luck/Stamina’, took place in the womb-like security of The Harlequin’s secret room. And there was roast beef.

Why board games? Just because. But if you pressed us, we’d argue that videogaming is dead. We want to look each other in the eye over a pint of frothy splendour and a d20, while listening to Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation. We want to shoot the shit while we build settlements, gather resources to fight the horde, or uncover eldritch plots in 1920s New England.

And so it is that we make for the pub once a month to get our geek on and play a shed-load of cool board games. We got all kinds of cardboard fun… but no top-hatted motherfuckers or pewter dogs. Save that shit for rainy family holidays in Skegness.

No, we’re into the other realm. It’s not wizard hats and LARPing in the forest (although if you invited us to a LARP, we’d probably come along… dressed as Hellboy) but most of the games at Super Board Games Sunday aren’t from the high street.

We like Carcassonne, Zombicide, The Resistance, Arkham Horror, Dobble, X-Wing Miniatures, Judge Dredd, Dominion, Zombies!!! Quick game of Uno? Ooh, go on then. And maybe we’ll declare this Pit open.

What you got? A vintage copy of Cannonball Run, you say? With Sammy Davis Jr and Dean Martin on the box, dressed as priests? Bring it the fuck along! We welcome you with open arms. What? You still got a working set of Crossbows and Catapults? In Spanish? Show, don’t tell!

When’s the next one? Late January. Dates are being finalised. Where? The Harlequin. We love that pub, and Pete and Liz are dead nice to us.

What do you need? Nowt, except beer money and an urge to meet people and play a couple of games. See you there, then.

Now, how do you kill a Dimensional Shambler again?

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Words: Joseph McArthur Field

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