Bellowhead – Broadside

A strange kettle of fish, Bellowhead. I admire Jon Boden immensely and his Songs from the Floodplain is a masterpiece . This folk “supergroup” seem to be highly exciting live and certainly mix traditional folk with new ideas to great effect.

So here they are with a new album and probably an appearance on Jools fairly soon. What are they up to? I am listening to Broadside. It’s clever, intricate, folky and seemingly music hall. Lots of oompah and whistles, pipes and earnest vocals. Even folk/prog in some quarters.

I really want to like the album and I bet the Guardian and Independent gave glowing reviews but why am I left unmoved while sensible people will be dancing in their living rooms?

The brass band is there, jigs, reels, good songs a plenty. I must be missing something? Is the concept too contrived? I really don’t honestly know and feel rather bad for not being able to effuse madly. Fuck it. I‘ve looked at other reviews on the internet and writers are completely in love with the band and the album so please go and read their reviews because I am obviously missing the point.

Should never have gone to the Patti Smith gig. Beam me up Scotty.
-Captain James T. Kirk.

Words: Keefy

Bellowhead Website. Twitter. Facebook.

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