Radio friendly Americana

Dust on the Breakers – American Reclamation

The skinny: Music as a landscape.

The review proper: Imagine an Autumn sunset. The skies are turning mauve and purple. There’s a few shades of red and orange by the departing Sun. And you’re on your way home to your loved ones (in my case, a laptop).

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A stark, foggy night

I am Kloot – Sky at night

The Skinny: “Some things were made for you to sit and listen to, in a particular order. Some stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. Sit down and listen to ‘Sky at Night’. It has a story to tell you.” – Frank Cotrell Boyce’s Open Letter, published at I am Kloot‘s website.

The review proper: It’s a new stage for I am Kloot (Mercury nominated! Yeah!) and this album is fantastic. No way to beat around the bush. The sound of I am Kloot gets a little re-working (more of a vitamin injection), but never loses it’s identity. Now, lyrics-wise, it’s business as usual, it’s salt of the earth stuff. Urban malaise, yearning, middle age concerns and the usual enlightening pub conversation (we all have been there. Or will be in a few hours).

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The Dreamy Dancers

School of Seven Bells – Disconnect from desire

The Skinny: Dreamy. A word you’ll see a lot. Also, poetic lyrics, like describing a lucid dream.

The review proper:  Ah, School of Seven Bells, a trio who love their music to be reverberated and enveloping. This second album, Disconnect from desire, is considerably louder than Alpinisms, but hey, who wants the second album to be just the  first album repackaged with a different cover?
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Bed Time Songs – 4

‘This is not just Groove Armada, this is M & S Groove Armada’…perhaps now more famous after being used for those adverts, this is still one of my most favourite chill-out tracks. The lyrics of ‘sandunes’, ‘salty air’ and ‘quaint little villages’ are sure to transport your thoughts away from the steel city and incite summer time dreams. Alex Rucki Continue reading Bed Time Songs – 4

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Bed Time Songs – 3

I know this isn’t the most obvious choice for a bed-time song, but hailing from Manchester I always whack this on before bed if I’m ever feeling a bit homesick. I also think it sounds so much better at night time and can’t get the full effect of it otherwise, the overall eeriness emphasised when you’re in the state between being awake and asleep. Alex … Continue reading Bed Time Songs – 3

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Bed Time Songs – 1

So I know Sloucher have been concentrating on wake-up music, but sometimes you just need a little something to help before catching some shut eye, so I thought I would compose a list of my favourite bed-time songs. This is currently my favourite bed-time song, taken from Forgiveness Rock Record which was released earlier this month. A beautiful track with lush melodies and heart-swelling rhythms … Continue reading Bed Time Songs – 1

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