Singles Reviewed : Hey Sholay, Screaming Maldini, Rumour Cubes, Simian Ghost, Dinosaurs are shit dragons, Black Gold of the Sun

Greetings, readers who know the historical inaccuracies in Oliver Stone’s JFK. He didn’t took crazy pills, he overdoses on them. I preferred him when he was writing mental things like Scarface or Any Given Sunday, though…

This week’s singles come courtesy of Tacos Los Latosos, the best tacos in ALL of Mexico City. You know it, I know it, God knows it. And you wouldn’t go against God, would ya? Unless you don’t believe in Her (yes, God is a female), in that case, then those tacos aren’t the best. Shit.

Ah, singles, right:

Hey Sholay – Burning

Don’t play with matches, kids, you’ll burn model boxes and what would happen with the cardboard people inside? Who knows! Anyways, Hey Sholay release the first single of their newest album ((O)), called ‘Burning’. In good Sholay tradition, there’s an equal mix of droning and psychedelia before the kickoff happens (with an electronic arpeggio that adds a dreamy layer to the proceedings). Loved the video, but is missing a miniature Dave Grohl saving the people inside! – Sam the Spanner

Screaming Maldini – Life in glorious stereo / Minor alterations / Tyrannosaurus kicks

Lovely video, especially the “80s changing clothes montage” with disapproving nod! New music from Screaming Maldini is always appreciated and ‘Life in glorious stereo’ sports the sounds that the band relishes on: vocal harmonies, glockenspiel and catchy choruses. It’s pop gone proggy and anthemic, at the same time, just like Gemini (rising on Saturn).

And then comes ‘Minor alterations’, which forgoes the louder valleys of Screaming Maldini and goes for the soothing hills (with enough vocal harmonics to make you swoon). A slow dance that somehow turns into an avalanche and, yup, back into the loud valleys. Well played, Maldinos, we thought it was a ballad but it was a landshark in disguise. Love the clapping after the louder bits (a pause before the storm).

Now, ‘Tyrannosaurus kicks’ isn’t on this release, but, heck, we liked it. Loud violins escort Nick Maldini‘s voice, like velociraptors playing second fiddle to the main raptor (it was the one with St. George‘s flag tattooed). If the melody sounds familiar, it’s because you know it from John Williams. I don’t care about football, but this sounds cool (and more entertaining than watching 22 overpaid millionaires kicking an overpriced plastic mass). – Sam “bad mexican” Valdes. 

Rumour Cubes – 1871/Letters to Palestine

Whoa! The band is back (about frickin’ time) with a punchy track called ‘1871’, which brings back the manic energy of ‘Triptych’ and features some steam-of-consciousness lyrics that sound as ominous and apocalyptic as the magick-like sounds that these musical seraphims create. The sound of the apocalypse after the seventh seal was broken and the wrath of the Almighty has been unleashed.

Continuing with the religious analogies (sorry, just came back from mass), ‘Letters to Palestine’ is like the homily, you know, sort of quiet but stern, spacious and expansive but at the same time, constricted and succinct. Again, more vocals here, not shouted but still carrying an ominous aura that goes skin deep. The song never explodes, but you don’t need an explosion when all has been consumed by an everlasting fire. Apocalyptic music in all senses (“there is no choice” brrrrr). – Sam the Spam. 

Simian Ghost – Automation

This gorgeous, dreamy song by Simian Ghost is just one of the little gems that make up their album Youth, chock full of these slightly slurred vocals, ‘Automation’ is that summer song we’d be humming if the sun decided to come out for more than, you know, 1 hour. Ah, screw the Sun, just listen to this lovely ditty that veers into shoegaze by the end. – Orestes “P. is for comPlaining” Xistos

Dinosaurs are shit dragons – John Craven peers through my bedroom windows at night / Why is everything so shit these days?

The fantastically fun and chaotic Dinosaurs are shit dragons are back with this double whammy of proper rock delivered to you by the ungodly wonder that is soundcloud. ‘John Craven peers through my bedroom windows at night’ is the anthem for the perverted old guy from Family Guy (Herbert!), a solid rock song with a cool bridge and, hey, the sound is more polished than in their previous release, but the energy is as raw as ever.

‘Why is everything so shit these days?’. A good question, dear sirs, and I wish I had an answer, because then I would enforce it. Grungy and punchy, this is Dinosaurs are shit dragons at their best, with a build-up leading to an impressive freak-out/shout-out (love the drumming there). Easily my fave of the two. –Sam. 

Black Gold of the Sun – Winter Sun / Plumes

‘Winter Sun’ is the atmospheric psychedelic track that Black Gold of the Sun plays before praying to Mammon. A thick fog that leads to Purgatory envelops the listener, causing a spot of blindness and leaving out a 5% of senses that are too confused to know what’s happening. Heaven was an olive branch, reality was an expansive sound that iterated until the crescendo was achieved. Now let the snow melt (and the sun shine).

‘Plumes’ is less mysterious, more straightforward and still magical. The mojo in this track is spread evenly by the relaxed pace and an ethereal solo that stands above everything else. Loving the psychedelic sounds of this band (go see them live if you can!) but…when is more stuff going to be released? God dammit. – Orestes P is for Psychedelic Folk Rules, ok? Xistos.

 See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))). Hey, first time that actually works!. Love, Orestes P. Xistos. 


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