Hilldrop Records Present : An upward artful scarp.

Upward Artful Scarp: A Hilldrop Records Compilation

Beautiful, mindblowing collection of eclectic artists and up and coming talents from the bravest label you will meet this year…

About ten days ago I came home from wandering the moors to find a parcel on the doorstep.

To my great delight I unwrapped a hand painted cover limited edition 7” single of Buzzards ‘Creamer’/ Nicholas Stevenson ‘Kill again’, a nice poster and a copy of the latest Hilldrop Records 15 track sampler.
Well – talk about unexpected pleasures……

Buzzards ‘Creamer’. A fine example melancholic power pop with a hint of minimalism that keeps you wanting a little more. Nicholas Stevenson ‘Kill again’. Another haunting and hypnotic tune from Nicholas who continues to prove that the art of songwriting did not die in 1976.

This second sampler from the boys at Hilldrop finds me lost for words. Following in the long line of tradition of the sampler album (My first one was Age of Atlantic in ’68) more and more labels are using this tool to grab a slice of the market.

Not so with this crew. A genuine D.I.Y. label based in Bristol release this offering of fifteen eclectic and inspiring tracks that raises the bar so high it’s almost out of sight. I can’t even begin to review track by track but it is enough to say that this is a joyful collection through gentle whimsy, progressive electronics, sonic wisdom and sensitive lyrics.

Beautifully recorded and presented this collection oozes creativity and class.

Carefully compiled, each tracks flows seamlessly into the next without any difficulty at all, the music takes the listener on a wonderful and magical journey. Household names and X-Factor types are light years away from the talent found on this gem. I guess none of these artists will trouble the smart and fashionable playlist of the cool and trendy BUT I strongly advise any music lover who might stumble on these words to do your soul a favour – beg, steal, borrow, download, whatever — GET A COPY OF THIS ALBUM – IT IS A REVELATION.

Hilldrop Records: You have renewed my faith in music. God Bless You.

Words: Keith How

p.s. Yes, I did coin the phrase “sonic wisdom” x

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