Preview : Rolled School

After a couple of hitches, Rollerpalooza comes back as Rolled School. This 5th of May (CINCO DE MAYO!!!!) get your skates and impersonate James Caan:

Actually, don’t. Just get yo’self to the Skate Central, because for 12.50 pounds (buy!) not only do you get to wail your arms and skate, but also you get to see the following bands:

Breathe Out, who want Brian Wilson to smile. Really.

The Proper Ornaments, who float like some incense in a low light church.

Novella, who not only are quite good, but they also have this good advice about Ayn Rand.

Ghosting Season, who aren’t a massacre by Doctor Who‘s Vashta Nerada, but just a band who are slightly worried about Satan (aren’t we all?)

Polinski is Paul from 65daysofstatic. Not only is he a nice dude to talk to, but also makes some cracking electronica.

Finally, it’s Errors, doing their thing. I once was with it, but they changed it and I no longer understand what it stands for, but it is enjoyable. A pint if you know the reference. Oh, the band’s good and their new album was enjoyable.

A map, you say? Sure, let’s recycle the one from last time:

Directions? Sure.

Skate Central, in Sheffield. The place is in Queens Road (near Enterprise rent-a-car and B&Q).

You can get there with the following buses: 6, 7, 21, 41, 43, 47, 48, 51, 53, 723.

For Bus, the stops are

Highfield, Duchess Road/Farm Road

Highfield, Queens Road/Duchess Road

For Tram (purple and blue lines)

Granville Rd – Sheffield College Station

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