Single Reviews : Sick Boy, Emily J. Grove, Louise Distras, Maps & Atlases, Films of Colour, Karhide, The Evaporators & Andrew W.K.

Greetings, readers who took the jam out of my doughnut. You’re going to hell! Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column. Granted, some of them aren’t singles, but I liked them and made my stupid human collaborators review ’em. Mahalo. 

This week’s singles come courtesy of the sexy voice of K-Billy Super Sounds of the 70s. Now, put down that razor blade, let the cop walk away and boogey down to Morrison’s and buy me more doughnuts. Or else all your music will turn into 5 hours of Chris Martin yodelling.

Ah, singles, right:

Sick Boy – Cosmic Alien Across The Universe

Some deft post rock straight from México City (via old Caballero Azteca power). ‘Cosmic alien across the universe’ tells us the story of Pepín, a tiny fella from Pleiades III that hangs out with two slackers…no, wait, that’s the plot to Paul. Ok, Sick Boy ‘s song might not have a plot (instrumental gem, baby!) but it’s another bite sized sample of what this band is capable to do. Let’s hope they release something meatier (as in album or EP “meatier”), ’cause so far, they have delivered 2 very good songs. Who says Rock died in México? –Sam. 

Emily J. Grove – Ghost

I was minding my own business doing some shopping when a suspicious looking Aussie dude engaged me in conversation  during which he passed me on envelope that, without doubt, contained a compact disc within. “Review please, cobber” were is final words before he disappeared down the frozen food isle.

Somewhat stunned I completed my purchase of some fish fingers (oh yes) ,bread and Tommy K.( we know how to live). ‘Ghost” by Aussie songstress Emily J. Well , breathy vocals and gently strummed guitar and some vibes that leads into an anthemic chorus that gently tugs at the heart. She sounds a fragile thing, young Emily, her voice layered over the slightly restrained percussion and guitars. This is not an unpleasant tune at all. I kind of imagine it playing during one of those emotional scenes in some teen drama on Sky (no I don’t watch them). My fear is that this is a well worn path for attractive talented young lady singers but I reckon Emily can hold her own if she can continue to write strong material such as this. – Keefy

Films of Colour – Running / Creature of Habit

A strange beast, this track called ‘Running’ is. Besides rendering my speech Yoda-like, it starts like a toothless indie ditty, but it slowly grooves around, showing a few paths that show that this wasn’t an animal waiting to attack, it’s more of a night at the park, staring at stars, wondering if the ducks are having a fling and trying to sneak into the museum. It’s sweet and tender.

B-Side ‘Creature of habit’ again pretends to be an indie ditty (note: I don’t hate indie ditties) but it’s so much more: a track with a lot of atmospheres (especially that dreamy, wistful mid section, a fine moment by Films of Colour), this is like the good night of sleep you had after doing shenanigans in the park. Two nifty tracks with a leisure pace, with (possibly) ‘Creature of habit’ being the strongest one (or the one that made me think of a good memory). –Sam. 

Maps & Atlases – Fever

Sah-weet milk and honey, Maps & Atlases are back and this single of their upcoming Beware & Be Grateful is a real treeeeeat, sweet as treacle, synth as the Less than zero soundtrack (not fact checked, sorry). Very catchy and filled to the brim of those candy like moments the band adores weaving for us, it’s a top choice for a lead single. Is it me or people are taking the right bits of 80s music and giving them a modern spin? Love this! Also…it’s 30 years since the 80s. I feel old. Hug me.   -Orestes P is for Phossil Xistos

Karhide – White Cannon / Lorenz

Some pounding music from instrumental heavy rock band Karhide, who go for a rather dark side of the palette. The creepy factor is fully elevated to high powers (I say x^(3+n)) with ‘White Cannon’, where a squealing guitar is the banshee like voice roaming through the lost fields of Exmoor.  Whose souls are the ones that will be taken and what will become of them?

Worry not, a band of travellers (who, luckily enough, are adventurers – you probably rolled against Cha. and got one) just passed by and after casting ‘Protection from Evil, 10′ radius’, defeat the Banshee and even split the treasure (all banshees carry a 3d4 of magic items) with you. Yes! The track that the bards played was ‘Lorenz’ and it’s pretty rocking (I might even say I preferred it to White Cannon, but I dig ’em both). Rock out. BTW: I’m using 2.5 Edition rules, so it’s LOW rolls. Yes, I’m a nerd and I will die a virgin.- Sam. 

Louise Distras – The Hand You Hold

Ah, Distras, my old enemy! Not really. We haven’t met, but I have heard your music (2 EPs, actually) and read your interview. Y U SO ANGRY? Any ways, this is the new ditty by Ms. Distras and it goes for that punky angst that  has fuelled many a cause. The rough and tumbling production is forgone and now the niftier sound barely contains the pent-up anger, with some nice layered vocals. If I had a hand holding me down, I’d be pissed up too. Thanks, now I have to go and beat a farmer. Good entrée for her upcoming album. -Orestes P is for Pheminist Xistos.

The Evaporators vs & Andrew W.K. – I hate being late when I’m early 

This is just great by having Andrew W.K. but the fact that it’s (finally) more music from The Evaporators make it a match made in heaven. The lovely, peppy track even sports a sweet guitar solo that is blink and you miss (just replay it, babe!). A pair made in happy-go-lucky heaven, this is the first single of The Evaporators’ brand new compilation Busy Doing Nothing. Doot doo indeed. –Sam. 

Retro video of the week: Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay

Respect to Mr. Hubbard. He had more talent than any of us.

Until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I rule this dump. I was the real DJ at’s gig last Monday and I dedicated the Kelly Clarkson/American Analogue Set to my auntie Holstein. See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))).


Sickboy Twitter. Bandcamp. Tumblr.

Emily J. Grove Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter.

Maps & Atlases WebsiteTwitterMyspaceLast.fmBandcampSpotify.

Louise Distras WebsiteTwitterStrummervilleSpotify.

Films of Colour Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. Myspace. Youtube.

Karhide Website. Myspace. Bandcamp. Facebook. Soundcloud.

The Evaporators Website. Twitter.

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