Wet Nuns – Throttle

Okay, let’s be clear: Wet Nuns are giving away free music. GOOD  free music. With loads of attitude and a funkytastic video that is now enforced watching in at least four (4) Catholic Schools in México (including mine).

Get it today. Give it to your best mates. Send the video to all your friends and family (except aunty Petunia, because she passed away 20 years ago and there’s no broadband in Heaven). Yield to the power of Wet Nuns and the best torso in all of Sheffield (Alabama).

Now… here’s a question for you… a riddle, if you will.. why does Clit Eastwood (drums, growls, beautiful torso) has very dirty feet and Terence Trent D’Barndance (Riffs, frills and vocals) hasn’t? It this a coded message, “Paul is dead?” style? We might have to wait for their next single to find out…

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