InMe – The Pride

Veering between punk and metal, InMe‘s new album, The pride, finds them using some electronic elements that add a fresh beat to the mix. Not too much, though, the integral personality of the band, with those ever trusty distorted chords, is still here. ‘Reverie shores’ is punky enough to keep the nippers jumping, but the heavy dose of rock power in the solo is a sight (sound, okay?) for sore eyes (ears!).

That’s the interesting signature sound of this album, the clash of several genres, giving us a strange, melancholic beast not unlike the one gracing the cover (which I’ve named “Pafnuncio, el chingón“). True, the temperamental vocals go from a sigh to an almost scream fuelled by pent-up anger, but the mood feels reflective.

‘Moonlit seabed’ (hey, sea themed!) finds InMe going slightly industrial on us. The song starts with their usual brand of rock, but once they get those digital noises going on, it feels like the final fight with a high powered boss in a videogame (‘Guardian’ feels like playing this level again). Pretty sweet number, possibly only equalled in soaring intensity by ‘Silver Womb’ and ‘Pantheon’.

The Pride never tries to hide its true intentions: there will be powerful chord progressions and there will be solos. Emotions will dilly dally through a vocal delivery that shifts gears. However, there are three very nifty moments in this album.

First is ‘Escape to mysteriopa’. Is that where Pafnuncio el chingón is from? The sounds are dreamier (love, love the bass here) and the long running time allows InMe to play out some gorgeous idea. The solo goes for an almost clean, 80s sound. It builds up beautifully to an explosive finale.

Secondy, we have ‘Beautiful Sky Gardens’. It basically lives to its name. As dreamy (in feelings) as ‘Escape to mysteriopa’, it’s stronger and the guitar doodling and riffing is pretty cool. Let’s hope they are not holding a pick of destiny in their arsenal, the owner might want it back and by the ominous sound of the last choral attack, The Dark One might not be that far…

Last but not least, we have the hard hitting ‘ Halcyon Genesis’. Any understatement that the band had is left in the backburner, this is only emotions unravelling. Gotta love the instrumental bridge towards the end.

InMe have that rock groove well gripped, letting their imaginations run wild for a couple of moments. The Pride feels like the band is evolving towards something, like the creature from the cover (“Pafny!”). On that note, that cover rules. Seriously. It has 3 out of the 5 things that a loud album should have. Specially the jellyfishes, those buggers pack quite a punch.

Words: Sam

InMe Website. Facebook. Myspace.

Random fact: once a white and orange one stung me, couldn’t move my leg for a day.


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