Miércoles de MP3s – Team Morale & Shades of Jade

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: the weekend is at equal distances and your wallet is at its weakest. What to do? Well, you can always come here and get your fix of free music, because we shall be giving you a track every week. God, bands and PR people willing.

This week song is a 2 for 1. Why? Because it’s lent and that means you get more and you indulge yourself in stuff. Did I mention I failed at Catholic school?

First, we have Team Morale,  who give us some ‘Pillow Talk’. Now, now, we know this is the sorta title that would mean a bit of “nudge nudge wink wink” shenanigans, but instead it’s some electronica for you dancey heads that still rave like that messenger dude from Spaced. Man, he was funny.

The song? Oh, it sounds like :

And you can get it here if you please, geeze!

Team Morale – Mixtape I – 01 Pillow Talk

Second, we have Shades of Jade, who go for that funky, soul heavy feeling that makes you wish you had sideburns and drove a lowrider. Some pop rock give it a catchier side while the pipes go out for a good workout.

The album was released on St. Valentine’s and their next gig is at Nambucca (in London)

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