Love Among the Mannequins – Radial Images

What’s this, a shoegazey, grungey post-rock band that sing about the father of public relations, Edward Bernays? Talk about carving out a niche. It’s not all about the birth of propaganda though – other dead people they sing about include a Russian composer, the German literary genius von Goethe and the creator of gonzo journalism (hello!) Hunter S. Thompson.

They’ve certainly been at the history books, but the band formerly known as The Amateurs have also got some riffs for you. Big, thumping grunge riffs. Deep, emotionally-charged Dinosaur Jr type riffs with twiddly bits and feedback. It’s hard not to like them, even when they’re shouting names from text books.

Love Among the Mannequins have got the ‘controlled heavy-mellowness’ thing down to a tee, and the build-ups and drop-outs might remind you of early Smashing Pumpkins. They also have unusual timings, here and there. Not so much as to put off the more middle of the road listener, but they’re edgy, for a history book loving, shoegazey, grungey post-rock four-piece from Brighton.

There’s about a billion megawatts of energy there, and songs like James Graham Ballard (the band also take their name from a J.G. Ballard short story) burst into your face with a wry grin. They sound like they’re having fun, in a sort of irreverent way. And you don’t hear the phrase ‘mise-en-scene’ in lyrics much, so they get an extra point for that.

Love Among the Mannequins have created a cracking debut album, and it sounds like they might be a bit special live. You’ll be able to find out for yourself when they play the Redhouse, Sheffield, on 20 November.

Words: Joseph McArthur Field

Love among the Mannequins Tumblr. Facebook.

About the author: Joseph writes for several publications, including his own Tumblr.

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