The Black Lanterns – Selftitled

The Black Lanterns is a band that doesn’t care to fit standards or genres. You can discover different rhythms and styles in their music so it’s difficult to catalogue it just in one. Delicious beats of rock, new metal, punk, and an alchemy of punch represents the Black Lanterns.

So we start listening to the album, riffs with anger, with no weakness. The kind of music that makes you feel energetic and go breaking something or at least go headbanging. Then we proceed to the next track, the energy and the mood are not changing it at all. It’s like you are being prepared to fight or so, you need to be assertive, alert.

This song, ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ gives you a more punk beat, simple riffs and chords, continuos rhythm in octaves; but in the last minute, the distortion goes up and the pace down, preparing you for the following song.

So, the song now is ‘Basement Tenant’, this song is also energetic but the rhythm is slower, never loosing the punch. Of course, so I feel it as if it was to calm your heartbeat so that you don’t suffer a heart attack or something like that.

And now we are in communion with ‘Red Carpet’, the fourth track, what I hear is totally punk but as I said at the beginning, The Black Lanterns, I guess, they don’t want to be classified, so in this song they go from one style to another, but the combination of genres is not forced or weird, they manage it superbly and the song feels rebellious and “super hyper”.

‘No for an answer’ is the song that attracted my attention the most. In this song, if I’m not crazy, I could even hear a beat similar to 70’s rock, such as Creedence or something similar. I particularly like Creedence but I think they’re a little bit “namby-pamby” and this is something that doesn’t apply to the Black Lanterns as they use distortions and anxious vocals. They play more with the music and with the combinations of metrics and rhythm.

And then the album gives us ‘Revenant, again’, distortions, punch, rhythm, but in a slower pace to relax for a moment (yeah right!) well, to some extent because their music is never calm, but it isn’t with anxiety all the time either. So this song it is just enjoyable.

Now, the closure, the seventh song ‘Selling it’, here the amazing situation is the vocals, or better said the metrics, which are of a fast rhythm type, even faster than the guitar or even the drums. And while you are enjoying the song it finishes. Then you just listen to the guitar, and you could say “it’s nonsense” and finally you hear the band members laughing about this…and so it ends.

So the Black Lanterns is a very energetic band, they don’t want to be fit in any genre, or in anything, they just want to jam and have fun. For me this is the kind of bands that make you have fun, you don’t need to worry about perfection but about feeling good while listening to it and so.

Words: Lalausagi

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