Singles: Hiatus & Shura, Hollows, Buffalo Bones, Master and the Mule, Ellen and the Escapades, Future Shape of Sound


Greetings, readers drinking HP Sauce (locally sourced and with adduct amines) and nicking egg noodles from Lukin’s while the boss is sniffing acetonitrile (which is better than a mojito – fact). Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column. Granted, some of them aren’t singles, but I liked them and made my stupid human writers review ’em. Mahalo. 

“Who are these bands?” You might ask from your all-knowing chair (ergonomic-ah from ikea). Well, the names are attached. Give them a try. You might actually like them instead of buying another edition of Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs (the Where’s Wally Edition).

This week’s singles come courtesy of Jimmy Saville and his gold chains. Man can do no wrong in my book. At least he ain’t Roman “Detritus” Polanski. Fuck that asshole.

Ah, singles, right:

Master and the Mule – 6ixty 5ive

This is a single song that leaves you wanting for more from this band, it’s like that progressive vein that stands proud to bring new elements to the equation to deliver a mantra to your everyday life.

6ixty 5ive is indeed a contemporary mantra that touches the depths of your aura through a firm bass line and syncopated drums, which may represent an anchor, while the main vocal duties (special mention to the vocals, just mind-blowing!) and chorus represent a touch of elevation, almost like a music rapture.

Even when we have only 4.54 minutes to enjoy this song, it certainly represents a moment of calm, the thought of greatest things, and the idea that this band has a lot to offer and I remain waiting for more music from them. I still wonder if 6ixty 5ive represents number 2. (Sorry! I had too much coffee today!). – Tonan

Ellen & the Escapades – When the tide creeps in / Always in my heart

Reading a lot of comparisons to a bajillion female artists, so I’ll chime in: it sounds like Alisson Krauss singing irish lullabies. The voice of Ellen Smith is sweet and delicate, sometimes like the trepidation of  a very shy person waiting to give a speech and wow all the classmates. Like in those classic John Hughes films set in Shermer, Illinois.

‘When the tide creeps in’ is slightly country, slightly folky, poppy but never boring. It is full of longing and the lyrics might not be a confessional but have the emotional attachment of one. An understated single that might fall on deaf ears to the people of “the ringtone generation”, it’s a rewarding ditty.

‘Always in my heart’ is my fave out of the two. Sounds like a good Sunday drive through the country side in a slightly overcast October afternoon. The cold might be ruining your style, but it matters not: you are in the company of your loved ones. “You were always in my heart / and it breaks me when we’re apart”. Sometimes, that’s all you need to hear. – Sam.

Hollows – Hot Sand / Shapeshifter 

Is it cold or what? No, really. I like cold weather but sheeeeeesh. Anyways, Hollows to the rescue. Straight out of the bat: love the retro sound. There might be a lot of retro bands going around but this one avoids the excesses of making stuff lo-fi and fuzzy, going for a clear sound. ‘Hot Sand’ is catchy and almost like a surf song. The hook is memorable (love the organ droning – extra atmosphere is always welcomed) and it left me warm and fuzzy in the end. Take that, gas bill.

‘Shapeshifter’ just needs one of those “pick attack while sliding through the fretboard”-tricks (don’t know the name, sorry) to be a perfect surf song. Out of the two, it’s the strongest, but both are enjoyable songs. Lots of “oohs” and a head-bobbing inducing “shapeshifter!” will have you sporting a smile. Just don’t look outside the window; there’s no piña coladas waiting for ya. – Sam

Hiatus & Shura – First

A singer with a dreamy voice (and a knack to do live loops) and an electronic producer. It’s Hiatus & Shura with the track ‘First’ (which you can get for gratis at their Facebook). Very ambient with a sweet guitar groove, wo-wo-wo-wobbly sometimes, this sweet ditty is a nice one to chill out to. The slow but steady build up towards the end got my attention quite well. -Sam

Buffalo Bones – Strangest of feeling / Turn it on again

‘Strangest of feelings’ is guttural and visceral seems to be the vibe in this month, a misty park that uses sharp notes to put us back to action, as this song depicts this general feeling.

This track starts its introduction to the audience with their bass guitar speaking, to then have guitar speaking with sharp and extended notes, then alternate with vocals stating ‘I don’t want to talk / I can only feel’, with a rather insinuating tone and someone’s breath as backup.

This is a nostalgic and slowly raging track, like the ones that could be the exact match of those cult movies in the scene where the truest thoughts and feelings of protagonists are unveiled. Guitar effects deserve a “sweet!” mark.

Extravagant vocals, guitars in a to-and-fro effect, like taking one step forth and two behind, recapitulating about some event that makes you feel dubious about a specific matter of life, all of this translated into a tune by Buffalo Bones. This is ‘Turn it on Again’, including distorted vocals, high-pitched (but still mint) guitar sounds that complete the reference given by the bass guitar. A raw, yet stylish, experience that fuels our spirit to just head bang. – Tonan.

The Future Shape of Sound – Poem

Uh oh, Sweeetback is back on the prowl, ready to take the foot of The Man off his neck. The Future Shape of Sound provides the music for car chases (near that insanely retro tunnel near the Barbican, natch). This track, ‘Poem’, is full of pure funkiness (just love the organ so much). It’s hardly a straight funk revival song as there’s a rap interlude (cool flow through). Organ takes the cake with that great, loud outro. Man, I wish I had an afro. -Sam.

Loutallica – Selfindulgent tirades from three egomanicas

Lou Reed pretends that his SuperEgo clashing with Lars Ullrich’s arseholish Ego never happened. Of course it did. The collision spawned James Hetfield AND Galactus. The rest, as they say, it’s history. The song sucks too. Go back to the wildside, Lou. And Metallica? Take back Jason (apologise first) and let Kirk Hammett take the decisions. He’s the only sensible enough  Jonny Sock

Catch us up next week when we slate another shit band (or solo artist – Beyonce, I’m looking at you, thieving bastard). Until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I rule this dump. See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))). I just wrote that to piss off Onslaught, ’cause he’s a coward, not like our lord Tláloc (who, incidentally, is my PA).


Master and the Mule Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter. Myspace.

Buffalo Bones WebsiteFacebookTwitterMyspaceSoundcloudYoutube. Soundcloud.

Ellen and the Escapades Website. Facebook. Soundcloud. Twitter.

Hiatus & Shure Website. Soundcloud.

Hollows Myspace. Facebook.

One day, day...

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