Your faithful dog

Waking Aida – Hachiko

They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. That’s all fine, but what about the music? If you ever end up visiting Ol’ Scratch, would you be expecting him to rock out some Heavy Metal tunes or maybe some Mozart? Maybe we’ll find out one day. In the meantime, here’s some Post Rock, courtesy of Waking Aida.

Who? Waking Aida and their recent EP, Hachiko (named after a dog that continued to wait for his deceased master at the rail station). 5 songs (although one is more like a segue) are offered by this band. ‘Meanwhile…at Lounge Doom’ is the slightly twee beginning for the journey. Once the drums kick (syncopated, of course), the ride is pretty fizzy and bubbly. Kick fingerpicking and a breezy indie atmosphere are eventually broken by cascading guitars with heavy distortion being carried everywhere. 

Any illusion of being back to indie territory is squashed with ‘That’s not my trick, Michael’. A rock, heavy piece. Again, it’s the drummer who moves everyone around. You can doodle that guitar as much as you want and as powerful as it is, it isn’t the statement that the drumming is pulling. And I like the guitar work. I really do, it’s just that the drummer is having a lot of fun on this one.

‘Viewfinder’ is the little ambient segue before ‘7:45’, the powerful piece that makes this EP worth your time. Slightly prog for a few moments, the rhythm is constant, the emotions are smouldering and the voice samples are a little unsettling. The final distort heavy bit is easily the best the band has to offer on Hachiko.

‘Nothing in me disturbs a thing’ sounds like a very Zen title for a piece of ambient chillout music, but this isn’t the case. Again, it’s a build up towards an explosion and it’s the final notes what really count.

It seems like many a math rock/post rock band, Waking Aida do have a propensity for interesting song titles. We’ve already mentioned the ones on this EP and the ones in the new EP (still work in progress, it seems) have a little gem in ‘Stanley Ipkiss’ (ssssssssssssssssssssssssssmooookin’!). Let’s see how their new album, Kamiokande pans out…

Words: Sam

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