A shout from Scarborough

Everyone an Army – EP 

Counterparts that match perfectly in the puzzle, stories of revolution told through sounds, a brilliant and plain explanation of energies in motion going from good and evil, from black to white, intertwining to prove once more none of these can exist without the notion of the other.

A band that favors prog styles, rolling drums, china low cymbal sounds, complex and intense bass guitar, and an acute guitar as the drilling, but tuned, machinery of the whole system, all coated with soft and dreamy vocals. This is the sound Everyone an Army delivers to their audience.

This English band presents their EP called EP (yeah, that’s the name), loaded with almost one hour (which is actually one hour made up form 6 songs) of deep and introspective compositions, providing steady vocals as the world behind the male voice goes upside down, being this the main highlight.

This EP is all about contrasts, where darkness and light melt, but no colors are imprinted. It’s primary thoughts involving the inner part of us, listeners, that connects and share something with everybody and everything in this world.

Tracks advance relentlessly, as it proves its prog style has as many faces as free will, but flawlessly connecting ideas will well defined bridges, those that risk of becoming oceans in some parts. There are remarkable changes in time signatures and distortion, going from asymmetric foundations to symmetric surfaces, creating then a strong mosaic of the story each song narrates.

There’s a constant resource used in guitar, which gives a whirl effect and motion to the song, introducing different dimensions, where there’s more than depth, length and width to the whole sentence as a black hole, the one that may swallow the whole universe we have created in our minds (like the impression I got in ‘Apogee and Perigee’, track 1. If a band makes references to Astronomy in their music, they’ll get my full attention automatically).

There’s a track that seems the intermission to this movie, the one that let us take a break, get wrapped into their rhythm, and discover what each instrument has to offer to this rich idea. It’s remarkable as well the way each instrument has defined a personality of itself, as guitar bass may coincide at some points with drums, and guitars may cover the whole spectrum of the scale. This eventually plants into our senses a spiral, like falling deep and slowly into a pit just to find another world with different definitions and standards (‘Monument 6’, track 5)

Every instrument has a strong identity, as mentioned above, however, there’s an exception to this rule as we come back to track 4 ‘Isabelle’, where vocals definitely feel like a magnet that bends and moves the other instruments at its will, still giving sparkles and peaks from their own thoughts. This magnetic voice feels like a spell, a calming lullaby with words that can easily break your heart and make your cry. This became my favorite track and no, I’m not into masochism.

A universe in dialectics, the one that can’t exist without its exact opposite. This is the kind of mixture we’re all made of. Sometimes it’s hard to decide in which side we’ll stay, but we can’t forget that it’s all about balance.

Words: Tonan.

Links Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Bandcamp.

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