Rocket from the Highlands

You Dead! – SiCCiH2R4McT

The strident of punk music has always made me feel energetic and demand what I deserve, fight for my rights and some similar states of mind. This time, You Dead!, a band from Scotland, it’s not the exception to convey those feelings.

I listened to three songs: ‘x Coffee x’, ‘No Love’  and ‘SiCCiH2R4McC’ and I can say they mix well hardcore and punk rock. The guitar, even if it doesn’t sport a  complicated riff or scale, shows some anger, excellent speed and distortion, and lots of punching beat from the drums, you can enjoy the shrill sound of the cymbals.

In my opinion, punk represents a screaming youth, looking for the truth, for their rights and for freedom. We can surely notice this in You Dead!, the way of singing it’s the kind of voice that express anger but at the end is the idea of not caring at all. Of course, it’s a voice that follows the beat and the rhythm, the kind of voice that is not interested in be melodic, a voice that wants to express despair, with the spirit to fight and go on though, in spite of any bad situation such as unrequited love, treason or just the boring routine.

Unfortunately punk music has not so much coverage and spreading in the present, and there still are people fond of it. So that is why we keep our old punk records and worship old bands. You Dead! could be an excellent option and alternative to listen to nowadays punk and I say “nowadays” because is being creating lately, not as a new gender but as a honorable tribute. And this band doesn’t mind if they say “punks is dead” because they make it feel so alive, and so do the punk fans. Besides, something that made me smile and showed me this is not a “copying punk” band it’s in the last 30 seconds of ‘No Love’, where they are playing hardcore linked to guttural singing. That, for me, means that You Dead! plays what they want to and feel to in their moment of creativity and composition.

Anyway, we can say You Dead! sounds different from old punk, because they are not imitating or covering, they have their own creativity and ideas, their own problems to sing about, without losing the carefree and protest characteristic of punk. Let’s say the lyrics are not so political or about problems of the world of society, they are more personal and more into everyday situations, that also marks a difference.

In the end, while listening to You Dead! you feel like slamming down your body, shouting and let your energy flow. So, for the ones that appreciate punk music, You Dead! is a good way to fill our nostalgic punk rock love. Me? I’ll look forward to new songs and any information related to this band.

Words: LalaUsagi

Links Bandcamp. Website. Facebook.

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