Buy the ticket, take the ride

Don’t sleep dream – Life is just a ride

Music has been to me a parallel scenario or universe where peace is just one song away, where I can feel at ease. Music has also this amazing power to heal or make of my bad day an unbelievably good one.

The above mentioned is a phenomenon due too, as well, to the vibe and music composition favored by every band, that incredibly and intimate moment where more than two worlds (or just one) agree on a tune and smoothly develop whatever is in their minds and hearts, delivering sweetly a new song to whoever is willing to listen.

It is this otherworldly connection the one that I got with Don’t Sleep Dream (a wonderful band name, if you ask me), an indie rock band based in Sheffield. They have just released to the world their Life is just a ride album (two life lessons as titles, I can dig that!).

An EP than includes 5 tracks (and keeps you longing for more) with filling textures better known from 90’s rock, including a mix of clean and distorted guitars, drums with rolling effects and obedient but constant bass lines, as deep pounding to your head. There are as well some well chosen twists to every song, which eventually come back home (the initial sentence) after each instrument and the vocals have toyed and discovered their new sounds and skills, like children on a playground; awareness may reach you when you less expect it so. This style is better explained through track no. 3, ‘Grow’.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this EP was the way it flows, straight to your veins in a tender and smooth manner, with certain necessary and unrequited turns that would eventually lead your thoughts to reach different conclusions. It’s definitely like going in your car, or travelling in public transportation with no destination or aim, for the sake of ‘just because’. This is the kind of therapy we miss in our lives at times.

Vocals are definitely inviting, as they convey tranquility, moderate fury, and provide with melancholic fabrics to the puzzle, the one that brings new riddles with every turn. An example of this is ‘Magnetic Light’ (track No. 2), one track opening its door with angry statements and continues with a self-moderate mood (great bass line), giving descending structures and through this, a quicksand effect. It seems the whole song is like an attempt to escape from said quicksand. Firm and (still) angry soil is eventually reached with a final, loud and distorted guitar statement accompanied by double bass drum, creating then a dust storm.

Through this EP, I found in the chest of my memories a little of teenage angst nostalgia (before ‘indie’ music woke up completely and ‘alt’ was the name given to non-pop music), i.e., the 90’s, the time where I obviously spent my teen years being in angst (now I’m just angry, not an adolescent anymore). It’s the texture they have in the infrastructure of their thoughts, it’s the organic and somewhat naïve perspective of the world, like being astonished for the first time, after the big rendu-compte involving this place being a sick sad world.

However, not everything must be despair and disappointment, there’s always the chance to break out and escape the ‘real’ world for a while; take a walk, take your car, take any bus, turn on your mp3 player and choose Don’t sleep dream. There are junctions to decide on, and steady and treacherous roads to discover in your way, but knowledge may come to you after one hard test is passed. That’s the amazing power of just one ride.

Words: Tonan.

Links : Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Myspace.

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