The Joy Circuit – EP 2 (demos)

Nicked from The Joy Circuit’s

We’re fans of Jeff Garber. Year of the rabbit, The Joy Circuit, National Skyline. All bonafide classic bands we will listen to no end. So one day, scouring around the web, we ran into a couple of demos. We somehow managed to send an email to Mr. Garber and he replied it was ok to repost the demos. So, there you go, but a few words from Tonan, our resident expert on all things Garber:

“A voice so unique, thoughts that’ll become the strings of my darkest words, a scream that would represent in an unique vibration the whole despair that could break the four walls I’m trapped in; lyrics so painful that I could hardly imagine something can be that good and honest. There’s good and there’s evil, there’s music that’ll help you to wake up and ask for more, a balance to keep you in the present and run away from nostalgia. That means Jeff Garber to me”.

So this one goes to everyone who wants to listen to all those ideas The Joy Circuit had. Jeff Garber, Tim Dow and Sol Snyder. Magnificent guys, wonderful musicians, all of them.

01 Like A Moth

02 Come Of Age

03 Run In Circles

04 Fast Song

05 The New Sunrise

06 Blow

5 thoughts on “The Joy Circuit – EP 2 (demos)

  1. Thank you so much for posting these! I think New Sunrise is one of my favorite Garber penned tunes. So much energy on this release. I have been looking for the EP2 for a while!

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