Heinali & Matt Finney – Dreamcatcher

Photo: Olia Pishchanska

Dreamcatcher is the sprawling 30 minute single track that served as the soundtrack to the opening of Olia Pischanskaya’s photo exhibition in Odessa, Ukraine.

Paired perfectly with the overtly sombre nature of several of the photographs, Heinali and Matt Finney’s mammoth composition changes in nature, evolving rapidly in a very subtle way. It starts like a very dark ambient piece with some loops slowly creeping in, with added percussion beats somewhere after the eight minute track.

Suddenly, the slow crawl changes pace. It’s a dark territory and the urgency of the beats change the whole feeling of the song. Keeping the transformation momentum going is more synths until another dark valley of ambient surrounds us.

In this fog of war, it’s where things get interesting. A world-weary voice (Matt Finney‘s) starts describing a very bleak stream of consciousness (including vampires, fear of significant others and more). There’s nary a sound to go with his voice for a few moments and you don’t notice the music coming back until it’s surrounding you again, like dark beasts prowling in a dark forest.

The changes between ambient music and musique concrète give the piece an otherworldly exuberance. It might be a stretch to compare it to something already existing, but it would feel right at home with the images of Tarkovsky‘s Stalker (or even the gritty images from the S.t.a.l.k.e.r. series of games). After taking a gander at the photographs of Olia Pischanskaya, you get the feeling that this trio of artists are a match made in heaven.

PS: Do check Ms. Pischanskaya’s amazing photographs at her website.

Words: —Sam

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